Thursday, 27 August 2009

Pasar Ramadhan Tanjung Uma (Ramadhan Market)

The sudden market of Ramadhan that the most often visited by people in batam is Tanjung Uma market, located in the traditional markets tanjung Uma, in the kampong Agas. people from various locations in batam present here, they just search of special food from this kampong and its freshness.
lack of parking area resulted the narrow roads in this market promontory into a parking lot. one day dozens of cars visitor parking at the roadside.
One of the menu that searched is grilled fish, because this kampong near the fish harbor so the fish is still fresh, and therefore the traders in this market trying to attract buyers by offering something fresh and delicious with an affordable price, one big size portion of grilled fish just RP. 35,000.00. just compare the same portion if we buy it at restaurant, the price could be 3 fold.

various food and drinks are also sold here, all the culinary archipelago is available here.

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