Saturday, 25 July 2009

Hutan Wisata Mata Kucing ( Forest Tourism )

Forest Tourism of Mata Kucing is Protected Forest Sub Sekupang Batam, inaugurated on 28 February 2002 by Dra. Aida Ismeth. This place was built as a protected forest, the tourist attraction, the preservation of animals, the preservation of water. The Protected Forest of Mata Kucing have a primary function as a recreational place. Protected Forest of Mata Kucing width is approximately 200 ha. Almost entirely surrounded by forest.
Sundays or holidays, is a day where this forest as a forest tourism in Batam visited by many people, both surounding residents and people whom living far from the location, only with the incoming money to pay Rp. 10,000 per adult, Rp. 5.000, - per minor child, Rp.1.000, - for parking motorcycles and Rp. 2000, - for parking the car, you can enjoy the scenery and Animals are kept, several species of fish, some birds, turkeys, monkeys, squirrel, gibbon, and other.many animals in this forest

Main Gate of Tourism Forest of Mata Kucing

Ticket Price List

Notice board, on matters that should not be done in this forest

Blueprint tour facilities in the forest tourism of Mata kucing

Local Visitor began attending this location when sunday Morning

For convenience and preservation of our forests, No Harass Animals

Some of animals Collection of this Forrest

visitors who try to give food to the monkey in the cage

way to swimming pool

The Swimming pool

visitors to enjoy the food they bring from home, while waiting for their children to swim

resting place, if the visitors are tired after turning around the forest

Cafe of The Eye/ Goa Mata

Arwanas fish Pond

Visitors waiting to see the large size fish Arwana, with a weight of 50 Kg
Could you see the fish

I hope this forest can be maintained and repaired again, so that the number of visitors can be more, not only local visitors but also foreign tourists

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